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SkillLogica Online Testing - A quick, reliable, cost-effective, validated and innovative skill assessment solutions for staffing & recruitment, corporate human resources, training, education, government and certification programs.

SkillCheck Pacific Pty Ltd - over 21 years delivering Great Service & Best Prices!


Online Testing - the most popular skill testing & assessment solution

After over 14 years working within the recruitment industry and a further 21+ years supplying skill testing software and online testing services to the wider recruitment and professional HR community, we have rationalized our business activities to a less demanding and narrower sector.



Globally, there are three recognized and widely used providers in the "skill testing" space;

  • DEB-IBM (previously Kenexa and ProveIt),
  • Findly (previously First Advantage and Skillcheck Inc.),
  • Revelian (previously OneTest and Qwiz)

If you require skill testing for secretarial, clerical, accounting and other "office-type" skills, these suppliers are your best option.  (We do not "endorse" any of these suppliers; please make your own enquiries)


HOWEVER, if you require more than just basic skill-based testing, then we are the right people to assist.  We are launching a new service, directed to recruiters and corporate HR practitioners specifically wanting "best-in-class" behavioural and cognitive assessments.  Commonly called "Pschometric Assessments" or "Psych Assessments", this type of testing takes a different approach to candidates, looking more at the "will-do" based upon pre-disposition and personality characteristics.

Introducing PSYCHOMETIC ASSESSMENTS (Getting a deeper insight into candidates' personality, motivators and attributes)

To go directly to our "Products" page and see the listing of what we offer, please CLICK HERE

Psychometric assessments shouldn't replace "Gut feel".   Please read the article below to better understand the role of psychometric assessments.

Thank you to HR Daily for allowing us access a very insightful article on this subject.  To read the article, CLICK HERE


If, after browsing our website, you have any questions, need more information or prices, please send us an e-mail by clicking on THIS LINK.





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