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SkillLogica Online Testing - A quick, reliable, cost-effective, validated and innovative skill assessment solutions for staffing & recruitment, corporate human resources, training, education, government and certification programs.

SkillCheck Pacific Pty Ltd - over 25 years delivering Great Service & Best Prices!


Online Testing - the most popular skill testing & assessment solution

After over 14 years working within the recruitment industry and a further 25+ years supplying skill testing software and online testing services to the wider recruitment and professional HR community, we have rationalized our business activities to a specialist sector.

On our "Products" page is information regarding the new services we will be offering later in 2019.

Please CLICK HERE to see details of this service.

Introducing PSYCHOMETIC ASSESSMENTS (Getting a deeper insight into candidates' personality, motivators and attributes)

Psychometric assessments shouldn't replace "Gut feel".  Please read the article via THIS LINK to better understand the role of psychometric assessments.

(Thank you to HR Daily for allowing us access to this very insightful article on psychometeric assessments' role in the recruitment process.)



  • There are NO AUSTRALIAN-BASED DEVELOPERS of online "candidate skill testing".  (All recognized developers are based in the United States.)
  • All Australian/ New Zealand "suppliers" are "distributors".
  • We cannot unreservedly recommend any supplier/ distributor in Australia.  However, we can direct your enquiry to one very reputable company with excellent product offerings and exceptional customer service
    CLICK HERE to contact us for a referral.
  • It is important to carefully check what a supplier is offering before making a commitment.  See below.


It is important that, whichever supplier you choose, provide all, or most of these;

  • a service with validated product (ask for their validation report)
  • a service with the latest application versions, such as Microsoft Office, in a full simulation mode, allowing any correct method to complete a task
  • a service with tests which comply with relevant Australian Standards
  • a service which is fit for purpose
  • a service which is multi-user enabled and this function is controlled by you at the your "administrator" level at no additional cost
  • a service with the "end-of-test" URL re-direct to your website home page at no additional cost
  • a service which is not "quota-limited", which means if their arbitrarily imposed annual "quota" is exceeded you will not incur additional subscription costs (if you have been told you have an 'unlimited-use annual subscription' you may find that is not the case.  Ask the question and get it in writing.)
  • a service which does not have a time limit for use of pre-paid meter credits you purchased
  • a service which has all tests listed in the sales offer pre-loaded into the user interface
  • a service which can be easily integrated into your HRM/ ATS system at minimal or no cost
  • a service which automatically delivers comprehensive and easy to understand test reports in PDF, HTML and CSV formats
  • a service with exclusive custom branding with your company logo throughout the entire subscription and on score reports at a minimal cost, if any, and
  • a service which does not blatantly "advertise" their service in the subscription interface


If, after browsing our website, you have any questions, need more information or prices, please send us an e-mail by clicking on THIS LINK.

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