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SkillLogica Online Testing - A quick, reliable, cost-effective, validated and innovative skill assessment solutions for staffing & recruitment, corporate human resources, training, education, government and certification programs.

Our customers told us they wanted system reliability, more tests, end-user customization tools, flexibility and better prices... and we listened.

Our new strategic alliance delivers system reliability, more products, end-user test making capability, more flexibility, extensive metrics and lower prices.

SkillCheck Pacific Pty Ltd - over 21 years delivering what other online skill testing providers cannot or will not supply - Great Service & Best Prices!


Online Testing - the most popular skill testing & assessment solution


  • skill testing on the latest versions of Microsoft Office™ including Microsoft Office™ 2010 and Microsoft Office™ 2013,
  • skill testing for clerical & office skills, accounting, call centre, IT & programming, medical and legal skills testing,
  • skill testing customised for Australia and New Zealand,
  • skill testing which can be customized to meet specific user needs,
  • real-time Australian-based technical support for customers & candidates 7 days a week.


  • All skill testing is delivered via Internet-based including current versions of Microsoft Office; clerical skills (typing, literacy, numeracy and many more); accounting, legal & medical testing; call centre skills and more.
  • Same-day account establishment with no set-up charge.
  • End-user test customization to meet specific job role testing requirements.
  • ATS integration available.
  • May be launched from your own website.
  • Employment skill testing is considered an essential part of any hiring process.


  • Testing candidates remotely, via the Internet, can make your life easier.  You can pre-screen the candidates, before they step one foot into your office.
  • This means fewer people to interview, a more efficient process, a quicker time to hire, and effective use of an online testing resource to “capture” the best candidate before another recruiter or employer hires them.
  • It would be a no-brainer, if only you could be sure that it's not your candidate's, best friend's spouse actually taking the test. This, of course, is easily overcome with a simple pre-testing briefing.


Both PCs and MACs may be used to administer testing via the Internet.


SkillLogica Online Testing is the assessment & testing solution chosen by major international banks, law firms, recruiters, local, state and federal government, medical, legal, accounting, call centre specialists and many others - including companies much like yours!  The extensive user-controlled test-making capabilities gives you even more power to target the precise skills required rather than just using a generic test.


Thank you to HR Daily for allowing us access a very insightful article on this subject.  To read the article, CLICK HERE


If, after browsing our website, you have any questions, need more information or prices, please send us an e-mail by clicking on THIS LINK.

If you would like to take an online test, please CLICK HERE to contact us.

Online Testing Services in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Paupa New Guinea, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Qatar, England, Ireland, Scotland

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